Halloween the Movie: Was it worth the wait?

Grant Robley, Editor

In 2018, the newest Halloween movie came out, and people have been raving about it even before its release.


Halloween is a classic slasher that even non-fans of horror know of. It is one of the four classic horror icons:Jason, Freddy Krueger, and Chucky.


Halloween is the story of Michael Myers, a psychotic human being that has the thrill of killing. The story starts in the 1960’s when he starts killing. He killed his sister, who was six, and was sent to an insane hospital.


At the age of 21, Michael escaped because he took his therapist’s Dr. Samuel Loomis, car.


While Dr. Loomis was looking for him, Michael drove back to the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois. His other sister Laurie, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, is 17, and Michael returns to kill her. He does not succeed and, after killing five teenagers, he is badly injured and taken to another hospital.


There have been many successors of the original film, but none have met the standards of the original until now.


The recent story of Laurie Strode, Michael’s sister, is older and wants revenge on him. It picks up from when the original left off, with Michael in the hospital.


Now, Micahel is older and so is Laurie. The movie follows the same plot as the original where Michael’s bus crashes, he goes to a car repairman and kills the worker to get his outfit.


Laurie, now a 57 year old woman, wants vengeance on Michael for killing their sister.


A great aspect of the film is how it stays true to the original movie, in the fact that Michael does everything like he did in the original and returns to Haddonfield.


He goes to kill Laurie after picking up some kills along the way, but Laurie was prepared to come face to face with the devilish man.


They fight for almost the whole entire second half of the movie and led to the final scene where Michael is trapped in a small room and is stabbed to “death”.


He was not stopped to death though, because Michael has never died and did not die this time. The last scene is a video of Michael gone from the room that he had been trapped in.


Reviewers all around the world have said that this film was better than the original, while other reviewers have said it was worse than the original.


Alex Gang, a sophomore at Oakdale, states that the film wasn’t as good as some other horror movies like Hereditary and Get Out, but they did a good job of keeping it a cheesy slasher.


He also explains that the newest film was not as good as the original because the original “gave off good scares for such a tiny budget, and created a very iconic villain.”


Gang added that he likes the newer one because of the fact that we learn more about Michael and how he acts. It “makes me want to see the next Michael Myers movie so we uncover more about the character.”


Halloween is one of the best horror classics of all time. People who love the franchise are hoping for a new Halloween movie based on how Michael became the way he is.