High School Musical:The Musical: The Series Review

Nicolas Moyer, Writer

This November, Disney opened up a new streaming application, “Disney +.” It has many beloved shows and movies from creators Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and other popular series such as Star Wars and National Geographic. They released many originals like “TOGO: The Untold True Story” and “Star Wars: The Mandalorian”; however, the one that has taken over social media with memes and reaction videos is “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” 


The craze began when many 15-25 year olds logged into Disney plus to reminisce their ex-Disney days.  They saw that a new series was being released and decided to tune in to see how bad they thought the series would turn out to be. Little did they know the series would become their obsession because of drama among Ricky, Nini, Gina, and even East High’s new drama teacher, Ms. Jen. 

The show began at the start of the school year, with Ms. Jen (Kate Reinders) planning to put on the play High School Musical, at the same school the movies were filmed.  With a start of a new school year always comes new drama which was very evident in the first couple of episodes. We saw Ricky (Joshua Bassett) learn his parents had separated. We also got to see an obviously desperate Nini (Olivio Rodrego)  go out with EJ(Matt Cornett) just to make Ricky Jealous, which then resulted in Ricky trying out in the musical to try to win back Nini. The first episode ended with one of my favorite quotes ever said in a Disney show, “Shit’s about to get real.” 


Over the course of the series two original cast members came back for the series, Ms. Jen had a crush on Ricky’s dad, Gina moved then came back, “Big Red” Aka Larry (Larry) and Ashlyn’s (Julia Lester) relationship grew, and fans got a soundtrack which is now stuck in everyone’s head. We even got many hints for season two. 


Some of the main fan theories for season two are that Gina will move in with Ashlyn, the second musical will be the second movie, and Ms. Jen will get fired from East High. 


Many students had something to say about the series. “I love the show, now I’m obsessed with Joshua Bassett,” Molly Robinson (Sophomore) began with.


“I like how it’s like a show you would watch on tv not just like all the episodes are released at once,” Robinson went on to say. 


“I really liked how Joshua Bassett got to improvise, and make the show personal,” Anna Whelam (Sophomore) stated.


“I really want to see it!” Gwen Weeks (Sophomore) said. 


“I binged the show while I was sick and now I can’t wait for season two,” Claire Coffey (sophomore) said. 


“It is my favorite show and I love to watch it on youtube! I’m rooting for Nini and Ricky to get married.”  Dylan Miller (Sophomore) jokes. 


So if you are craving something to binge, and have Disney + go check out High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, you won’t be disappointed.  


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Seen above is the photo released by Disney + in preparation for the series to be released.