Homecoming Dance Returns to Oakdale High School


Kelli Paugh

Seniors Luke Paugh and Ellie Townshend, the 2019 Homecoming King and Queen winners, pause on the stairs on Main Street in front of the Eiffel Tower for a photo.

Luke Paugh

With music, dancing, decorations, and people getting dressed up nicely, there’s a clear sign it was once again time for Homecoming at Oakdale High School.  Homecoming is a special time for students because it’s a chance to go on dates, which is how many students attend, while other students choose to go on their own, or with friends.  

In order to attend, students paid money and filled out a form upon purchasing tickets.  Students were also permitted to bring someone who does not go to Oakdale High School, or even a student who does not attend an FCPS high school, by getting administrative approval. 

Every year, Oakdale’s Student Government Association (SGA) is in charge of Homecoming, along with other events that occur during the week, such as Spirit Week and the Pep Rally.  The SGA is led by Mrs. Jessica Miller and Ms. Elizabeth Mulcahy, who are History and World Language teachers at Oakdale. During Homecoming, the entire SGA has a big responsibility to make sure the week goes as planned.  

Mrs. Miller explains, “My primary job is to sell tickets, and keep a record of how many tickets are sold.  We also hire a DJ and a photographer, and coordinate with staff”.  

A unique thing about Homecoming  is each year the theme is different, as Mrs. Miller shared,   “This year’s theme is A Night in Paris. Every year in June, the SGA votes for the following year.  We usually narrow it down, and then cast our final votes”. 

Students are also allowed to vote classmates for Homecoming Court, leaving Seniors with the top of it all: Homecoming King and Queen. Mrs. Mulcahy shared how students are able to vote.  “We put information on The Oakdale Post, and hang posters and flyers around the school. Then, students can scan the QR code shown on the flyers, and vote for students in their grade level”.  

Most students, however,  think in order to run for Homecoming Court they must do several requirements.  Ms. Mulcahy responded, “Absolutely not. It’s just based on the student voice around the building, but I do suggest these students are friendly, attend classes on a regular basis, and build relationships with their peers”. 

As a result of this year’s dance Natalia Alvarado and Roman Shaffer won for Freshman; Joe Pippin and Gracie Nelson won for Sophomores; Courtney Walsh and Thomas Talbot won for Juniors; Seniors Luke Paugh, James Lockard, Charlie Dougherty, Lamont Kennedy, Benjamin Cole, and Hayden Davis were the six nominees for Homecoming King; Seniors Elllie Townshend, Emily Coblish, Edie Marsh, Megan Cheng, and Gabby Steed were the 6 nominees for Homecoming Queen.   The winners for Homecoming King and Queen were Luke Paugh and Ellie Townshend.   

Senior Megan Chang, President of the SGA, when asked if homecoming is worth attending: “Yes. I’ve  attended homecoming the past three years. I love decorating beforehand. I think Spirit Week’s a good way for students to come together, and show school spirit.  It makes the dance more enjoyable. I also enjoy our homecoming football games each year.”

The SGA at Oakdale hopes Homecoming will stay a tradition for generations, and most importantly, that all attendees had a great time.