How Early is Too Early to Start Celebrating Christmas?


Carly Amoriell

A graphic made by Carly Amoriell, illustrating the debate between celebrating Christmas after Halloween, or celebrating after Thanksgiving.

Emily Lockard and Ella Toms

The holiday season is an anticipated time of year. When winter rolls around, people start looking forward to preparing for the holidays, especially Christmas. Although, the correct time to begin celebrating Christmas is a controversial topic. Do you turn on Mariah Carey December 1st, or do you start the festivities as soon as Halloween is over?

According to USA Today, “celebrants proclaim December 1 as the official start of the season.” Some students at Oakdale High School agree with this and say that celebrating right after Halloween is just absurd. Sophomore, Charlotte Foltyn explains that celebrating as early as November 17th is a little too soon to get into the spirit: “I can’t do it now, it just doesn’t feel right to me. It’s kinda cold out, but it just doesn’t feel right.” Waiting until December ensures that Thanksgiving will not be overlooked, or even skipped.

Although, having an early start on Christmas gives people the opportunity to get the most out of the holiday season. Putting up lights or decorations sooner means that they can stay up longer, so people don’t have to immediately take them down. Some students say the holidays give them motivation, or something to look forward to during the tailend of the first semester.

Sophomore, Addy Danforth mentions that it would be nice to see OHS as a school celebrate the holiday season more in general: “Celebrate Holidays, but not just specific ones, because everyone celebrates something different, just winter. Maybe like a door decorating competition. Those are always fun.”

This year at Oakdale, teachers like Mr. Corpora, Ms. Miller and Ms. Isacco are participating in the door decorating contest with their SET classes to kick off the winter season.

Unfortunately, every year the holiday season will come to an end at one point. The time period after Christmas can be seen as depressing or emotional for some. Danforth voiced, “after the 25th, like I get ready for new years. The Christmas tree comes down January first.”

While Foltyn expressed, “I kind of celebrate after. I still have presents that I receive after [Christmas] from some family members.” With the new year so soon after Christmas, the rest of winter is a little disheartening.

The earlier people start getting into the Christmas spirit, the more disappointing it is after Christmas day. If people begin their celebration later, the less upsetting it can be to move on. In the end, no matter what you’re celebrating, the holidays are a great way for loved ones or friends to get together and spend quality time with each other.