How To Get Your Summer Bod Back


Oakdale students get fit for summer in the weight room.
Oakdale students get fit for summer in the weight room.

by Madison Lawson


May is National Physical Fitness Month, and after weeks of hibernating in the house, stuffing our bellies with old Valentines day chocolates and Easter leftovers, it’s time we get fit. With the rise in temperature, getting outdoors and back into shape is crucial for our overall well-being. Most people, regardless of their age and body type, struggle with the thought of exercising and losing weight, when in reality it’s not that hard. Listen up couch potatoes, because listed here are 3 great ways to get your banging summer body back.


  1. Make working out fun!

According to, “Running is an incredibly effective and efficient form of exercise for burning calories.”

Stop groaning…. running is not that bad! If you find yourself whining at the thought of taking a jog, try switching things up. Frederick and other neighboring cities offer various races like the Foam Glow Run, Cupid Run, Mud Run, Color Run and more. Marathons such as these make the sweaty, muscle aching experience fun; it’s an event that allows families, friends, and the community to come together.

“ I have ran over 26 half-marathons, they’re really fun.” said History Teacher Melinda Machande “ I love running with my husband and just being outside.”


  1. Motivation is key!

Determination is probably one of the most important factors when it comes to exercising; you have to want it. Trust me, I know that laying in bed watching Gossip Girl reruns is more appealing than a bike ride, but think about your health. Everyday, people should try and spend about 60-90 minutes in their target heart-rate zone (working out), but really, any amount of time spent exercising is great.

Therefore, you might as well make the journey a little less difficult by getting a workout buddy!

“ I work out with my friend every Mondays and Thursdays,” said Junior Emily Jerez “ She helps me stay motivated and encourages me to push harder when running for long distances.

  1. Get techy with it!

Since technology has intertwined itself with our everyday lives, using it during a workout would be simply sensible. The Fitbit is a water resistant, exercise bracelet that tracks your steps, monitors your calories burned, and even tracks how many hours you sleep! It’s basically an all-in-one fitness trainor on your wrist, making the road to a healthy lifestyle much easier.

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, there is an app called Pumpup that allows users to inspire, share, and post workout routines. Pumpup is similar to Instagram, except the whole app is based around active and healthy living; people even post Transformation Tuesdays!

In the end, when it comes to achieving that perfect summer bod, go your own pace! Make exercise fun and not a task you regret doing. There are many ways (other than the 3 listed above) to get back into shape; not to mention eating right! Say goodbye to those dreaded muffin tops, because bikini season is right around the corner!