Hurricanes 2017


Connor Moles, Writer

Hurricanes have attacked the world since water got on Earth.


This year in 2017, there has been more devastating hurricanes than past years. Major damages from these hurricanes are in places like Cuba, Texas, Florida when the hurricanes were the strongest.


From the end of September to the beginning of December there is a change of temperature. This change of temperature causes an effect in the oceans, since the air is cooler than the water temperature. This causes a mix of pressure systems which causes a storm to form. As this storm forms out in the ocean it gains strength and speed. The storms speed causes a rotation which causes a hurricane. The hurricanes move faster when it’s above the ocean, but once it makes landfall that is when it starts decreasing in power. The places closest to the water, where the storms hit is where the hurricane hits are the most devastated.


Alumni Hunter Koopman explained, “The hurricanes have caused a devastating disaster to these areas which will take an extreme effort to fix.”


As people thought that hurricanes were done this year, a hurricane blew upward towards The British Isles. The hurricane named Ophelia baffled people since hurricanes are rarely around the British islands. The storm made landfall on, October 15, 2017 which is in the middle of hurricane season. Ophelia was a category 3 hurricane meaning that the wind speeds were 111-130 mph and the damages were extensive.


FCC student Corwyn Ruppel stated, “Some hurricanes are incredibly destructive for the unfortunate reason of people weren’t expecting them.”


As time goes on people will forget about the damages caused by these hurricanes. The only time previous hurricanes are brought up are when new ones arrive. During Hurricane Sandy back in 2012, people brought up previous hurricanes like Katrina. People see the damages caused by the storms and don’t act on the effects until years later. People will only be safe from hurricanes when we prepare for them in advance and not right before they happen


Ruppel declared, “We as a society tend to ignore things until they are a problem, people in hurricane dangers zones never consider what they’d do in the case of a hurricane.”