I See Dead People


by Brianne Bowles

Walking Dead has risen so many bodies since it’s been out, yet this Valentine’s Day, the day meant for love, the season six episode 9 premiere will be slashing hearts and spilling out blood. A first look at the 4 minutes of the episode was released onto the AMC website, and will petrify all the fans into a feeding frenzy.

Reading the review from the source TV.com, it was completely shocking what is encountered. Many twist, turns and gory scenes that will leave your heart skipping a beat, the writer agrees: ”I have to say this was probably one of the best episodes in the season (If not the best for some time).”

The show opens with the scene of a truck filled with three bodies we all know all too well were being held up by a gang of bikers. Guns are taken along with the feeling of safety. Everything is blown up, literally: flames, explosion, one head to be shown for so many bodies. Yet we all know the three who walked out alive.

Slashing to the point, Rick, the main character, and his group are trying to just make it through the herd of zombies alive. This only leaves one option, act like a zombie or be one, covering themselves in zombie guts leading them to a safe escape. Although, not everyone will escape alive. On their way to safety, there are gunshots fired and bodies left behind along with an eye.

Reaching the end of the show, tv.com,I’m also really starting to lose track of Rick’s emotional swings.” Rick was highly emotional toward the end of the show. That must be the of killing and destroying a herd of zombies. Fans need to brace themselves for who will next become apart of the Walking Dead.