Importance of Agricultural Education


The Great Frederick Fair’s Agricultural Education Theater.

Evan Hayek, Editor In-Chief

The Great Frederick Fair has been an annual tradition for 155 years and running. The week long event, to most of us, serves as a place to have fun, eat great food and enjoy the local culture.


The fair’s main purpose, as explained by Chris Spangler, the fair’s media and technology manager, is to educate the public on agriculture and why it’s important, as well as


“I come from a farm family and  [farming] is not as popular nowadays, but it’s important for people to be aware of agriculture and how important it is,” expressed Kathy Dehart of  Dairy Maid Dairy, a local dairy that has been operating for over 70 years.


Erica Binder, another employee of Dairy Maid Dairy, joined Dehart as representatives not just for their company, but for all local agricultural businesses.


“Dairy Maid is still here and still thriving,” explained Binder.


People like Dehart who grew up in an agriculturally focused environment, and the newer generation, come to the fair not for the fun and games, but because it’s their way of life.


Walking through the animal exhibits and stables, makeshift bedrooms have been created because of how much time the farmers and animal owners spend at the fair, showing their animals.


“I like meeting the people, and talking to them about my animals,” stated 13 year old Caroline Mcdonald.


Mcdonald has been showing animals at the fair for three years now and she couldn’t enjoy it more. Her sister, Ella, a 10 year old has been showing animals for two years.


The Mcdonald family drives home the point that the fair is truly a way of life, and it provides opportunity for many families and businesses, as well as an educational source for the general public on what those families and companies do.