Interact Club


Justin Friday:

Interact Club is something that you’ve probably heard of but you may have never looked into it before. Interact club, as explained by their student president, senior John Sun, “is a high school level of Rotary”. Both Rotary and Interact Club are organizations dedicated to charity and community service. Most recently the Interact Club operated a food drive to benefit the Greater Urbana Area Food Bank.

“I knew Jo Ostby [the woman who runs the food bank] from my time in Boy Scouts. Because we had this connection we decided to do the food drive for the Greater Urbana,” said John Sun in his interview.  “By the end of the food drive, we had collected [roughly] two crates of food, thanks to the help from teachers who gave their students an incentive to bring in food” and incentivise they did. English teacher, Dr. Edward Schoder, pledged to match any student donation up to 366 cans.

And though the food drive ended last week, there is still an opportunity to support the community by visiting the Greater Urbana Area Food Bank Facebook page and donating there. But if you’re still hungry for community service, then both John and I encourage you to join the interact club, where you can make a difference in your community. “[We are] always looking for more members! We need people with ideas, especially underclassmen. Interact club meets after school on Fridays, in either Ms. Fortney’s class or Ms. Harold’s room from 2:20 to 2:45.”  

~still want to know more about Interact? Get in touch with Ms. Fortney or Interact President John Sun for more info~