Is dealing with loss harder during covid?


Ashly Bingham died of acute myeloid leukemia.

Phoenix Bingham, Writer

The loss of a loved one is always hard, especially when your closest loved ones and family members are not near you. “No one from other states, including my immediate family, were able to attend the funeral,” remarks New Beginning Nazarene Church goer Lisa McPhee.


Funerals are a place where friends and family can gather to say goodbye. However, with gathering restrictions, not as many people are able to attend. “We had a short visit at the funeral home with everyone wearing face masks,” stated New Beginning Nazarene Church goer Doug Brice.


It’s much more difficult to go through the grieving process when people aren’t able to come and comfort you. “My mother, sister of the deceased, has way too much time alone right now and this is very hard,” commented Mrs. McPhee.


Loss impacts everyone in different ways. Some people just go through the motions trying not to think about it, while others wish the deceased would come back; but, a goodbye is essential to people in grief. However, when deaths are unexpected it leaves people wondering what they could have done, if they could’ve helped in some way.


When people die and leave their children and grandchildren those people left behind wish they could’ve known the deceased better. “We think about the things we wanted to do together and how my grandchildren will never know her,” remarked Mr. Brice.


Coping skills take a long time to develop. Some people never develop healthy coping skills, but every one has to cope with something in their life whether their methods are good or bad. “I cope with the loss by remembering the good times we had together and that our hope in Jesus Christ promises that I will see her (and my dad) again. It still hurts though,” stated Mr. Brice.


Losing someone you love is very difficult and is something that can take up to a lifetime to feel better . Some people deal with it better than others but, whether they like it or not, everyone has to deal with it eventually. While losing someone during covid is harder, that loss, even before covid, carries over and gets more difficult to deal with as the world falls apart.