Is Love Blind?


The Love Is Blind cover photo.

Matthew Snyder

Spoiler Alert!!

Love is Blind is a reality dating show that aired 11 episodes on Netflix beginning in February of 2020.  This was just in time for plenty for binge watchers who were stuck at home staying safe from the coronavirus. The show is quite different from the average reality dating TV show. It is really intense and entertaining to see all this drama and fights unfold among these couples. 


Monica Snyder stated, “I like it because it didn’t turn out how I thought it was going to turn out,there are a lot of twists and unexpected events that take place in this show.”


In short, the show starts with eighteen men and eighteen women who meet in separate pods to get to know each other one-on-one.  In between the pods is a wall, so they can hear each other but can’t see each other. They ask each other questions in order to get to know each other,  no questions are off limits. Some couples really develop a lot of feelings in an emotional state for one another.


Some of the men and women develop feelings for each other and spent more and more time together; eventually, six of the couples got engaged without having ever seen each other!  Once the proposal was accepted, the couples were allowed to see each other and surprisingly, they were all very happy. 


One of the men (Barnett) was leading a lot of women on. There were 3 girls in particular he was having trouble choosing from. Jessica was one of those women and she didn’t make the cut. She made a connection with Mark in the first episode but later on had big doubts because he was ten years younger. Once she got rejected by Barnett she later on came to terms with her and Mark’s age difference. Mark proposed and Jessica said yes.


The next part of the journey was for the engaged couples to go to Mexico and spend time together.  This trip was helpful for the couples to improve their physical relationship as they did not have the chance in the pods to become intimate with each other. Most of the couples were happy and bonding physically together. 


Carlton was hiding his sexuality from Diamond and told her about it a day into Mexico. Diamond didn’t really take it well and they got into a huge fight and after split up. On the other hand, some couples such as  Kelly and Kenny were having trouble with their sexual relationship as Kelly wasn’t physically attracted Kenny. Jessica and Mark were also having trouble with their sexual intimacy. Once Jessica saw who Barnett was and what he looked like she got jealous.


Brian Snyder claimed, “There were so many couples I was expecting to get married that didn’t”. There are some couples that hit it off at the beginning but learn their differences though the time they spend together.¨


Of the six couples that got engaged, four of them split on their wedding day. Of the four that split, one of the couples, Gianinna & Damian, is still together, while three are not. Damian clearly struggled before the “I do” to Gianna when he said, “I don’t”. She ran away and made a huge scene. Giannina and Damian would always fight and were not really a healthy relationship. Damian didn’t marry Gianinna because she wasn’t fully into the relationship as he was. He thought she was not putting enough effort into it and she would alway be on her phone, distracted, not giving Damian her attention. Lauren & Cameron and Amber & Matt (Barnett), got married and are still together today. At one point Amber and Barnett almost got a divorce but all is still well with them today.


In this case, I guess you could say that love IS blind.  But that blindness only results in lasting love 50% of the time since only three of the six couples are still together.