Is School Teaching You the Skills You’ll Need to Succeed in Life?

Is School Teaching You the Skills You’ll Need to Succeed in Life?

Sara Ghaffari, Writer

Communication skills, car repair, cooking, management of credit and student loans, household repairs are all basic life lessons not taught in school. When a person enters college why are they required to take a communications class for the first time? Since children are more malleable than adults, it would be advantageous for these skills to be taught in middle or high school. Yes, Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies are important, but why are we stopping there?


Katie Cullum, an Oakdale junior, had some choice words on the topic: “There should be more class options for us students. Yes some classes can be taken  on your own time outside of school but it’s more accessible if it’s in school. ”


“One time my friend’s car would not start, and we had to call around for help. We did not know how to use a jumper cable so we were stuck. It would have been great if the school had a car basics class for when this stuff happens because you would definitely see me in that class.” Cullum continues.


How can one negotiate at a car dealership? Most people don’t even know they have the option to negotiate prices at a car dealership let alone a furniture store, such as asking for special deals and free shipping. Most people would just depend on their parents to teach them these life hacks. Unfortunately, some have no knowledge of these lessons and end up suffering later in life due to lack of ‘street smarts’.   


Melody An, a senior at Oakdale High, concurred with Cullum; she also shared a basic valuable life skill: “My father taught me how to cook at age 10. I found that incredibly helpful in life. I am a high school student, and sometimes the quickest meal isn’t the healthiest, but thanks to my dad I do not have to worry about that. But some students have not been taught how to cook and I feel they will suffer healthwise due to lack of variety in their diet. They will have to resort to microwavable dinners and ramen, which isn’t the best for you.”.


The school system has a large responsibility in shaping the new generation and if students have limited option in classes, it disadvantages them. Children should be given a variety of choices so they can become well-rounded individuals before they enter college.