Is the new Christmas Movie “Home Sweet Home Alone” Better than the Original?

Cover of the new christmas movie “Home Sweet Home Alone”, released November 12, 2021.

Cover of the new christmas movie “Home Sweet Home Alone”, released November 12, 2021.

Peyton Whyte, Editor

The remarkable Home Alone franchise has been a hit since 1990. This classic Christmas series has made a huge impact on people all around the world. Many enjoyed the first movie, so, more were filmed and released up until this year so far. The question remains: Is the newest Home Alone better than the classic?


While the new Home Alone movie titled Home Sweet Home Alone follows a series of 6 movies, the oldest movie and newest film cannot be compared. Sophomore Ruby Pazos stated, “I was excited that a new Home Alone movie came out, but when I saw it I was disappointed.” 


Senior Ciera Dalton, agreeing with Pazos, added, “(It) doesn’t feel right or the same as the others.” 


Many are disappointed with this new movie compared to the first one. “The original Home Alone was more attention grabbing than the new one.” Pazos continued, “I didn’t know the plot or how Kevin was going to solve his problem. It was comedic yet still had action.”


As more movies have been released throughout the years, it’s easy for them to become boring if they are too repetitive. Sophomore Charlie Villa voiced, “I think they keep making more because they did so well.”


Dalton follows with, “The Home Alone movies were a really big hit when they first came out. Making more gives remembrance to the older Home Alone movies”. 


Many were intrigued when they saw the new headline that there was going to be a new Home Alone. Families all around the world were excited for a new Christmas movie to watch during the holiday season, while also potentially being able to relive the nostalgia of the previous movie.


Although the oldest movie is a Christmas classic, some might come to the conclusion that the new one was better. Junior Maddie Nilan mentioned, “It’s good and a funny movie. It still has some classic parts and similarities.”


While some might argue that the newest one is better than the original movie, the oldest one pertains to all ages. Pazos argued that the new movie was, “clearly aimed towards a younger audience and wasn’t as enjoyable for all ages as the previous Home Alone movies were.”


Overall, both Christmas movies are attention grabbing and many agree that it is a nice family movie to watch. While some are hoping for more in the future, many people are glad to have seen the classic and keep it at that.