Join The Knit and Crochet Club and You Will Be Hooked!


Taylor Bavender, Editor

Oakdale High School introduces the new knitting and crochet club as a way to teach people how to crochet and make some friends. The club meets every Tuesday during SET and they hope to move it to Wednesday after school. Currently, the club is learning different stitches and the basics of how to crochet.

The club was created by Mrs. Chanin Storm and club leader Natalia Alvarado. Alvarado got the idea of starting the club after seeing Storm’s crocheted items. Storm mentions, “Natalia asked me if I was interested in doing the club because she really wanted to learn how to make my penguin and pumpkins.”

Storm first started crocheting when she was younger: “I learned when I was little with my grandmother.”

She then adds, “I didn’t pick it up again for many years and then when I was pregnant with my daughter I wanted to make and bunting. That is what started me on my way.”

Not only do students get to crochet anything they want to make like blankets, hats, scarfs, and more, but they can create bonds and relax. Alvarado adds, “I think that it’s a great opportunity to make friends and to destress, but we are also thinking of making some hats for Title I schools or for the NICU in the hospital.”

With winter just around the corner, it is the perfect time to be helping the people around. Even if that’s giving handmade blankets or gloves to people in need. Storm shares, “Within the next meeting or two, we will actually start making hats and things.”

While knitting and crocheting might seem like a hard skill to pick up, the people in the club are always willing to help people learn: “It is all fun because we are helping each other out.This way, students are able to enjoy the club and have fun making stuff.”Alvarado states.

If anyone is interested in joining the knitting club, go to Mrs. Storm’s room at A223 for more information.