JV Girls Soccer- Kickin’g Into The New Season


Crissie Traugott

JV Girls Oakdale Soccer vs JV Girls Boonsboro Soccer, August 31, 2021, Oakdale High School Stadium Field.

Kiley O, Writer

The Oakdale JV girls soccer season is kicking off, and they are prepared to play their hardest against any team they cross paths with.

The JV girls soccer team is mixed with Freshmen and Sophomores. They have been working their hardest all summer to prepare for the season and are excited to show Oakdale what they have to offer.

According to Maddie Eng, a sophomore on the team, and Jocelynn Todd, a sophomore and captain on the team, “Linganore High School will be their toughest rivalry this season”.

“I would say we have a tough rivalry with Linganore. We lost to and tied them last year so we really want to win against them this year,” Eng states.

“Games against them are quite intense so we really have to bring our all,” they continued

Not only will the team have some tough rivalries this season, but COVID could also impact the team’s plans for this season. “I think that COVID will have an impact on the amount of people that will be able to play in the games depending on who is healthy enough to play. I think it will also determine the amount of games we get to play,” Todd recalls. Depending on the severity of COVID, the season could take a bad turn. Luckily, coaches are keeping a close eye on the health of the players.

The team is not only working hard and playing their best, but they are also setting personal goals for the season to help them become better prepared and ready for the upcoming season. Eng answers, “My goal is to give it my all everyday. I step onto the field and improve a little bit everyday. I think our team wants to perform the best we can and grow a strong team bond. We are really excited to get back onto the field after covid, and I think that enthusiasm will show in the way we play.”

Todd also has some goals of her own: “My team goals are that we are able to go together as a team, improve team chemistry as well as win all of our games and give 110% of our effort into everything we do. My personal goals for myself are to be a good effective leader as team captain and help myself and others improve as athletes and elevate our skill level on the field.”

While the team’s season is coming up, it is actually a lot closer than it may seem. The Oakdale JV Girls team had their first game September 9th, 2021 and won 1-0 against Manchester Valley JV Girls. It was a hard fought game but the girls put all their effort into this win. Oakdale is hoping for the best season for this team, for them to work hard, and for everyone on the team to know that the final score doesn’t matter. The way they play does