Keith Ko-Gone in Season Four


Greysen Simmons, Writer

Voltron Legendary Defenders fans are glad that Shiro (A.K.A. “Space Dad) gets his cat back in new season.

Voltron Legendary Defenders is an animated show produced by Dreamworks that tells the tale of several in-training pilots that get dragged along on an adventure with several multicolored robotic spaceships shaped like lionesses that can come together to form a giant humanoid ship. It may sound like a  fever dream, but the fans of the show thoroughly enjoy it.

Many viewers had complaints about season three; in particular, most seemed to dislike the fact that one of the characters, The Red Paladin Keith Kogane, had the “spotlight” for most of the season. Most of the problems seemed to revolve around him and his character development as he earned the trust of The Black Lion and became the head of Voltron.

They had thought since the creators had responded to the audience that Keith would simply take a backseat.

They were all wrong.

With the release of season four a new opportunity for outrage came as Keith was nearly nonexistent in the new season.

First, Keith leaves the group alone several times to work with a group called The Blade of Marmora in an attempt to learn more about his lineage, which causes him to be late for a meeting to help rally allies to the Voltron Coalition.

Because he is missing The Black Lion is not there at the meeting and the team cannot form Voltron, which causes upset in the crowd.

This time around it was okay because the planet they had visited decided to still join the coalition, but Keith goes on another mission with The Blades and is missing when an attack happens and the team needs Voltron to defeat the cruisers.

The previous leader Takashi Shirogane takes his place back as the pilot of The Black Lion so Keith no longer has the ability to connect with it and fly it. This causes conflict between everyone as they shuffled Lions to be able to still form Voltron. Shiro is forced to take his role as leader back.

Dreamworks then does not even include Keith in several episodes of the six episode season.  

Cayman Raff, a sophomore at OHS, is a longtime viewer of Voltron Legendary Defenders.

He states that his favorite part of the previous seasons is “when the voice actor for Lance (The Blue Paladin) hinted towards a relationship between Lance and Keith”.

Raff is also upset that not only did his “ship” come to light in this season but also was upset because of the mismatching colors. “I wanted to get the original color schemes back- but no…” he fretted going on to talk about how another character, Allura, had caused all of this by taking The Blue Lion.

Rebekah Icore, also a sophomore, is also annoyed about Keith not being with the rest of the crew. She even went on to note, “I hoped Allura would die in the new season because she’s annoying.”

With the new season, fans of the show like Icore were thrilled to see strong elements of sarcasm coming from Lance, The Blue Paladin. Viewers also found out that the team’s pet cow, Kaltenecker, is still alive and being cared for by Lance himself.

Over all, fan reviews are mixed with very prominent opinions about each factor of what makes the show good such as its unique characters and situations.