Law & Society: What is Really Entailed?


Grant Robley

The front of the Supreme Court House, during the field trip the Law & Society class took.

Grant Robley, Editor


Law and Society is a new class at Oakdale High School, started by Ronnie Beard. 

The class was all about the law making process and how different laws may affect society in different ways. Mr. Beard teaches:the lawmaking process, and all the different people that may have an influence on the laws. 


We had multiple guest speakers who came in and talked to us about their position in the government, and how their jobs may affect the lawmaking process, and what they do to make sure the law is always in place. 


Mr. Beard comments, “The class allows students to see others opinions in open debates, and can help open people up about how they feel toward a subject.” 


In the Law and Society class, we also got a great opportunity to attend a Supreme Court hearing, where students that were in the class, as well as some from other classes, got to sit inside the courtroom and see how the court procession actually happens.


“I want to try and do that every single year, it is a true experience and a perfect way to teach students outside of the classroom.” 


The class also teaches students how the reaction/emotion of different laws and bills may affect the way society sees the government and how with the factor of society it could affect whether or not the bill is passed.


The class is also less rigid than most social studies classes; it allows students to think out loud without others judging each other’s opinion. The class is an option for students who want to learn about how society and law really do piece together, unlike other social studies classes. 


The Law and Society class is a different take on different social studies classes and can help students develop skills and learn new knowledge for future use.