Leashing Up All The Pals-Animal Adoption Increase 

Kadin Wetherholt, Editor

The rate of fostering and adopting animals has increased across the nation due to COVID-19. Rescue shelters and similar organizations have reported that pets are being taken home with families at a rapid rate. In the time of this alarming crisis, people want to bring home a furry friend to comfort them during the chaos going on worldwide.


Junior Kaleah Wetherholt gave her opinion on this topic: “The increase in dog adoption is beneficial, both for the dog and the caretaker. It provides comfort for people in a time of stress and gives a lonely dog a home.”


COVID-19 has made many people shaken down to their core, petrified even. Adopting or fostering a dog has given people comfort, faith, companionship, and overall, love and affection. Having a pet has kept several humans’ minds off the coronavirus and kept them more positive.


Namiko Ishii-Danganan, a local mother of two, recently decided to foster a blue pitbull named Sky. She raved how this has helped in the current climate,“Dogs are such healers, [Sky] is a great distraction … the biggest love bug ever.”


The unfortunate lack of support and staff of the facility doesn’t stop the skeleton crew from putting animals into great families. Just last week, Dog Star Rescue reported that the number of people applying for animals skyrocketed. The number jumped up to 75 applicants and all of which were approved. 


This urgency of finding pets a new home is not just in America. People all around the world are picking up furry creatures and taking them under their wing. Just in Sri Lanka , Liz Bridges was on the hunt to find a friend. In her favor she found a 4 week old puppy, surviving on its last leg. 


 Although the positivity of adoption is in the air, there are still several concerns that go along with it. Many are concerned about shelters possibly having to shut down. What would happen to the limited animals still inside? Thankfully many have decided to help out in the meantime. Brave citizens have volunteered to assist at their local shelter, some even if they get shut down. Most people have the mindset that  they have to get food, water, and attention somehow.


Animal shelters and organizations are doing the best they can in order to last through  these trying times. Many are short staffed but remain putting in hard-work to get these pets to a safe home. Most local shelters are remaining open until future notice. However, to help decrease the spread, and make it safe for people and animals in the shelter, many have started decreasing their hours/days that they are open. So if you or someone you know want a new pet you have to come in quickly. 

Caption: Namiko Ishii-Danganan fosters a blue-nosed pitbull named Sky. #goodhearts #saved #blue #sky #pitbull