Looks like it’s Switchmas instead of Christmas!


Brenan Capicchioni, writer

As of this moment, Nintendo Switches are back in stock and quickly selling out, making them a pretty valuable item for the holidays. As well as those who want to play all the Nintendo exclusives such as: Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Splatoon 2, etc.


The Nintendo Switch is a pretty awesome console, being completely portable and having the ability to plug in the television when you go home and sit down to play games. When going around, you can have the joy cons(the switch controllers) hooked into the Nintendo Switch making kind of like an oversized PSP (Playstation Portable) or you can unhook the joy cons, set the screen down, put up the stand on the back of the console, and play with the controllers in each hand or hook them into the joy con grip allowing for you to have a traditional controller to play your games.


If you’re playing a multiplayer game but don’t have 2 extra joy cons, you can just use the two you have and sync them to be their own controllers which can be sort of… not as comfortable, but it gets the job done.


In the box for the Nintendo Switch, you’ll get the console itself, two joy cons, the type c charger, the Switch dock, and an HDMI cord to plug into the tv.


The enjoyment you can get out of the switch by playing with friends at home, outside of school, in school, even at work is so exponential. It’s so fun to just be done with working on a project with a buddy or buddies and asking them if they want to play Mario Kart and playing Mario Kart in the middle of class. It is especially awesome when the teacher joins in the fun, like come on it’s fun for everybody. I asked Switch owner and senior John Lemon what his experience was with his Nintendo Switch. He stated “[my experience with the switch] has been fun and exciting because of how portable it is, you can play anywhere with anyone.” I also asked him what game/games he would recommend. He responded that he “would recommend Mario Odyssey because it’s fun for new people to the Mario franchise and nostalgic for long time fans of Mario.”


With all of the fun you can have with your friends, family, or just co workers, the switch does have its flaws. One big flaw that the Nintendo Switch has is its short battery life. Someone playing on it for many hours, playing intensive games such as Breath of the Wild and Fire Emblem: Warriors will destroy the battery life. Another flaw with the Switch is the amount of storage it comes with. The amount you get is about 32 gb of storage which is quickly filled, if you like buying your games digitally instead of buying a physical copy.


With all of the pros and cons of the Nintendo Switch, it is an overall good console and fun for everybody. So if you have the money for it, which is marketed at $299.99, go ahead and purchase it; it’s hours of fun.