March SAT


Grace Sagel, writer


The SAT’s importance can’t be overstated: colleges use it to judge students’ academic preparedness for higher education. The test is essential to colleges- if a student is admitted, his or her SAT score will be incorporated into their yearly SAT statistics.


Oakdale High School, and the rest of Frederick County, is now giving students the opportunity to take the SAT for free, in March, during school.


Normally, students would take the test at one of the several test locations in their county. Often, there isn’t the option to choose your own school as a location because the test isn’t offered at every school. In addition, SATs take place on Saturday mornings.


Being able to take the test at their own school is more than convenient for Oakdale students. This opportunity allows kids to take the test close by, have guaranteed transportation (the school bus), and get it over with during the school day. Also, students will feel more comfortable in a familiar environment and may do better on the SAT as a result.


The test itself is already stressful enough, so why should students have to worry about driving farther than they have to, during their day off from school?


Kiley King and Maddy Wilson, juniors at Oakdale, had shared opinions of the March SAT. They feel that taking it at their school is a good idea because, “It’s free, you don’t have to worry about finding a time and you’re also more pressured to study for it since it’s at your own school.” The girls are preparing for the SAT by visiting the library, studying online with Khan Academy, and reading SAT books.


To sign up for the March SAT at Oakdale High School, students must go to and log into their account. After clicking on ‘’Register for the SAT,” the next available test date should appear. Students should choose the test date of March 7th, 2018 at the desired location (Oakdale High School). College Board will guide you through the registration process, and students can also get help from their counselors.


Juniors and seniors at Oakdale, sign up for the March SAT today- it is a super easy process and there are countless reasons to participate in this great opportunity.