Masks: Protective, Safe and Fashion Forward?


Aliyana Ishihara

Oakdale student’s wear their masks to stay safe while also sharing their unique and personal looks.

Aliyana Ishihara, Writer

Masks; one of the most vital items during the time of COVID-19. Masks protect you, as well as everyone around you. The fashion industry has taken an interest in the large use of masks and many of the companies have taken initiatives to include them as a product in stores and online.  Though masks can be restrictive, they are customizable and can be unique to each individual.  


According to a poll of some Oakdale high school students, the majority of them wear, and see others wearing masks. Though one poll result explained that almost everywhere there is someone who is not wearing a mask in public. In other words by another student, “It applies everywhere, there are of course some people who do not wear masks here and there but for the most part, people wear them.”


Many luxury brands like Kate Spade, Burberry and Coach are making masks for their customers and new customers alike. The CDC explained that cloth mask materials can reduce exposure to droplets through filters; it even protects you from fine droplets and particles less than 10 microns.   


A Kate Spade Associate explained, “The features for the mask are 98% cotton, 2% spandex, moldable wire at topline and pocket for the filter as suggested along with a slip-on elastic loop.”  


Compared to Kate Spade, a Burberry Associate verified their masks: “They come with a protective mask pouch to keep it clean. They are made out of recycled materials that were generally going to waste from other items. The product is made in Italy and for every purchase, the profits will all be going to their community fund to help the fight against COVID-19.”


Both brands have similar products but have many different customizations for their customers.  Sophomore Kaitlyn Wylie explained; “It’s pretty brilliant marketing and most people don’t like the way surgical masks look. People who like to wear high-end items could find interest in nicer masks and encourage them to wear masks in public.”


Wylie also added, “I think I would because they look nice and it would make me feel good if I was wearing nice quality items.  I would choose style over safety because there are better masks with more protection.” Her reasoning on masks shows the readers a different view of the general mask-wearing and its impact on society.


Natalia Alvarado, also a Sophomore, explained a similar view of these kinds of masks: “I feel like luxury brands selling masks is a fantastic idea, it just makes wearing a mask normal and makes it so people get used to it and don’t think it’s such a weird thing. It’s also great because they have such a large following per se and it helps with the pandemic in general.”   


Though Alvarado likes the idea of expensive brands adding masks to stores and online she also explained, “Personally, I would not buy a mask this expensive just so that I could have a company’s name on it.  It’s okay if you want to spend your money on a mask because you’re doing yourself and other people a favour by wearing a mask.”  


In general, masks made by these expensive brands can range roughly from $18 to $120 depending on what mask you want and where you get it from. Though these luxury companies are making masks with many different customization options their main goal and focus is to protect from spreading germs from others around you and catching viruses from other people while in all to keep their customers safe from Covid-19.  These fashion advancements allow people to be themselves while saying safe and also keeping others who they love safe.