Mock Trial entered Championships

Grayson Hubble

Oakdale High School’s mock trial team— an academic extracurricular activity that competes at the Frederick County Courts–once again ended their 2020 season strong with a narrow loss in the Frederick County championship against St. John’s Regional Catholic School. 


Oakdale’s goal every year is to go further than they did in the past year, with the ultimate goal of going to Annapolis for the state championship.


The team, consisting of 6 attorneys, 3 defense attorneys, and 3 plaintiff attorneys, as well as 3 witnesses for the defense, and 3 witnesses for the plaintiff had a rough start to the season with their loss to Catoctin in the first match. Immediately after, the team and role adjustments, and practiced more intensely. 


With a rough start to the season, Oakdale had to face Walkersville High School, a team known to be a strong opponent. With a seventy point win against Walkersville, and going on to beat Middletown, Oakdale had momentum. 


Saint Johns, the same team Oakdale played in the championship was the next opponent. Oakdale, unfortunately, lost close to St. Johns. 


When Ms. Corridon, coach of the mock trial team was asked how the team overcame the tough loss to Saint John’s, Corridon stated, “It was a great learning opportunity.” She went on to say “It was a wake-up call” 


In response to what Corridon called a “wake up call,” Oakdale practiced more with the defense side, who has only seen 2 trials. To make this side near perfect, the attorneys and witnesses practiced for almost 2 hours after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and practiced during each person’s free time. The team also sought the help of a second coach throughout the season, Mrs. Trails, who is an attorney. Trails also played a huge role in the success of the program during the last two seasons, and it was quite clear that the students were grateful for her presence during practices. 


With Oakdale’s win against Linganore, last year’s county champions, the team felt unstoppable.


When Gabe Rosella, a freshman attorney for the team was asked what the win against Linganoremeant, he said, “Winning against [Linganore] made us move forward…but more than that it showed how our team has gotten better over the course of the season” 


Unfortunately, the team narrowly lost a hard-fought battle in the county championship against Saint Johns Regional Catholic School. The team can not wait to see how far they go next season.