Ms. Carman


By: Andrew Mccollum

Ms. Sue Carmen is a new teacher at Oakdale High School who joined the Social Studies Department. She graduated from UMBC and has been working in public education ever since. From Prince George’s to Howard to Jefferson. W.V. – the last of which she attested to being a particularly difficult station. After working in these other districts she returned to Maryland, more importantly, to Frederick.

“[Oakdale] is calm and organized,” she stated. “There isn’t a huge chance of chaos, rules are followed, and I really like my classes.”

Ms. Carmen has expressed interest in all of her courses: “I am teaching freshmen for the first time in several years. I really like them.”

Steven Peltzer, a senior currently taking Ms. Carmen’s WW2 class, added that Ms. Carmen is “very energetic.”

And of course, one would be remiss to not ask the most important question of all: “dogs or cats?”

“I have always been a dog person, but now we have a cat,” Ms Carmen stated, taking the best of both worlds.

Hunter Lindsey, another senior taking Ms. Carmen’s WW2 class, was asked how Ms. Carmen is as a teacher to which he stated that her teaching style is a lecture type that just goes over what is being taught and she has the students take notes.

Lindsey was asked about how difficult the class is and he replied, “The class is not hard at all. We took a test and she read over all of the answers to help us know which ones were correct.”