Go Gibbons Go!


By: Sage Wann and Lizzie Verbeten

Ms. Terry Gibbons, a bubbly, enthusiastic government and sociology teacher in Room A207, has been teaching for the past eleven years. She encourages Excitement For Learning (#EFL) and scarf enthusiasm (#scarflove) throughout her class and has a class pet named Rufus, a plastic toy dog that is constantly moving around her classroom.

As of right now she teaches Government and Sociology, teaching all grade levels. Even though she sees benefits in teaching all grade levels, she enjoys teaching freshmen because they are at the point in their lives where they do not yet know all about themselves and benefit the most from the learning experience.

Not only is she a teacher, but she also used to coach while at Catoctin High, winning a state championship in 2010 with the Cross Country Team. Ms. Gibbons is interested in all of the sports and spirits of the Oakdale sports teams, fans, and parents. She supports the track and field teams heavily and goes to watch their meets. She also offers full support for all of her students that share the same joy and enthusiasm in all things, not only learning.

Aside from her sports enthusiasm, Ms. Gibbons has not only taught Government and sociology but also Modern World History, Psychology, American Sign language , AP Human Geography.  

From talking to her students, it is evident that they think Ms. Gibbons is a great role model and enjoys her class. Freshman Michael Petty, one of the students in her current second block class goes on to say,  “She’s a nice person with a dry, punny sense of humor and that’s cool.”

Senior Sydney Carper, a student from last semester’s Sociology class describes her as “Passionate, Energetic, Understanding, and Humorous.”

While she keeps the class controlled and intact, students participate and talk out, sharing their views on things. Ms. Gibbons overall is seen as a great teacher and many people are happy she joined our staff at Oakdale.