National Bike Month – May

Gwen Weeks

Gwen Weeks, Writer

May is National Bike Month promoted by The League of American Bicyclists. The month-long peddle pushing celebration encourages everyone to get out and ride! Biking is one of the healthier exercises as it is low impact and cardiovascular, in addition to being affordable and an alternative means of transportation. 

Although our current condition, the league has stated “Let’s use National Bike Month to celebrate what joy we have, the physical and mental health biking brings us, and the humble bicycle that unites us all, even as we must stay apart and at home. With less focus on biking to work, we’re going to focus on riding “there” whether “there” is to the grocer for essentials or to the creek and back with the kids. Part of making progress on the League’s vision is encouraging everyone to think beyond biking to work and move towards a holistic approach to integrating bicycling into as many aspects of our daily lives as possible. Use #NationalBikeMonth to share on social media

National Bike to Work Week and Bike to Work Day, which would normally happen in May, will now take place September 21-27 and Tuesday, September 22!