National Poetry Month: Shel Silverstein

Alec MacLean

Alec Maclean 


Shel Silverstien is a very well known American writer and songwriter. He was known for his poetic skills in his various books which sold over 20 million copies. His books were mostly children’s books full of short poems. His style of writing was very unique and interesting to readers. 



Shel Silverstien was born in Chicago on September 25th, 1930. In his work he wrote of himself as Uncle Shelby, a reference to his first name. Silverstein had many talents including cartoons, songwriting, and being an author. His books featured a collection of short poems with illustrations to go along with them. Some of his most famous books include “Where the sidewalk ends”, “A Light In the Attic”, and many others. Silverstein died at age 68. 



Silverstein tried to relate to his audience as much as he could through his poems and songs.  When he was serving in the military he made cartoons and poems that were sent back home and published. He even received multiple grammy awards, and a golden globe award.