New Digital Communications Course at Oakdale High School


Adam Corpora

The Bear TV Logo that has been made for the Digital Communications class, and is used typically for the Morning Announcements

Riley Frutiger, Writer

Digital Communications is a new course here at Oakdale High School and is taught by a second year teacher, Mr. Adam Corpora. It covers an assortment of topics, ranging from camera angles to script writing, preparing students to produce the morning announcements that are shown everyday during SET. 


“Working on the announcements is a lot of fun. I especially like editing and being able to interview students in the school,” said Sophomore Reagan Candland.  


Candland admitted, “It is a lot of work though because we have to create the script, film, and edit all in one day.”


In addition to the announcements, students in Digital Communications get to film commercials and music videos with a lot of creative freedom. Students are permitted to take on all sorts of projects as long as they present their plan to Mr. Corpora ahead of time.


“I give my students pretty free range to do what they’d like to do, they interview students,” Corpora stated. 


He continued, “When we do these commercials or movies, or whatever, all I ask is that I see a plan ahead of time, a storyboard of what they’re going to be working on. And then after that it’s up to them to film it and edit it.”


When asked about her favorite project so far, Candland answered, “The one where we made a commercial for a project. My group and I chose to make a Gatorade commercial featuring different students and locations in the school.”


Aside from the projects and freedom, there are a lot of important skills that can be learned in Digital Communications. It requires annunciation and being comfortable in front of a camera, as well as the critical ability to speak publicly, something most employers are looking for in applicants. So along with the fun, you’re also developing important skills that will help you in the workforce and in life.


Justin Abate, a Junior and current Digital Communications student, wants to encourage people to consider signing up: “Students should take the class because they get to be creative and have fun.”


If you are interested in filmmaking, editing, scriptwriting, or are just looking for an extracurricular, consider signing up for Digital Communications, and email Adam Corpora at [email protected] with any questions.