New Interactive English Teacher, Ms. Brewer, Joins Oakdale


Grace Kreuzburg

Brewer teaches a lesson during her 5th block class. Photo.

Kai Cook, Grace Kreuzburg, and Emily Lockard

As the 2022-2023 school year continues, the addition of new teachers to Oakdale High School has been an adjustment for not only the existing staff, but for students too. Holly Brewer, a former teacher with FCPS, takes on one of the 10 new positions as a 9th and 10th grade English teacher.

Last year Brewer taught half of her year as a blended virtual teacher, and the other as a substitute. She explained, “I was subbing for a while, but I really wanted to get back to my own class. When I came to interview at Oakdale, I just absolutely loved the people that I met.” As both a 9th and 10th grade teacher, Brewer will have to become familiar with a lot of new faces.

Evie Graham, a Sophomore in Brewers class states, “Brewer has a very relaxing and positive
environment. She is quite engaging with students and presents a free and respectable environment for her students by allowing them to speak their mind and have input in their own education.”

Because of the large addition of new staff to Oakdale, being familiar with the building and atmosphere itself, will be vital to a successful school year. Learning how to navigate the resources used throughout the school, and engaging in clubs or after school activities, is essential to taking part in the Oakdale community. Brewer described her goals for the school year and how they are important for success. Becoming comfortable with the building and the English department is definitely going to be crucial to her role in the school.

Sophomore Kai Bragg, a student of Brewer, gives her insight on Brewer as a teacher. When asked about first impressions, Bragg believes that she will enjoy the class. Braggs inputs, “She’s not super strict and it relieves a lot of pressure on upcoming assignments like essays”

Bragg explains that her teaching style is different from other teachers she’s had in the past: “Ms Brewer teaches with interactive activities.” Bragg expresses that she enjoys the type of class work she is given.

Teachers and students look forward to getting to know the new teachers this school year. Brewer will be an anticipated addition to the school faculty at Oakdale and students are excited to learn with her.