New Science Teacher Has Good Chemistry With Oakdale


Alucard Hinchman

Deborah Brandenburg, standing in the Oakdale High School media center.

A progressing teacher for 27 years at FCPS, Deborah Brandenburg is a new addition to the Oakdale High School staff. She married her high school sweetheart, and has three children, one of which already has kids of their own.

After graduating from Linganore High School, she attended Hood College for her Bachelors Degree, where she initially thought she was going to become a nuclear engineer. However, after being a summer camp counselor, she found a sudden passion for working with kids: “I realized how much I enjoyed working with kids; I changed my major that fall,” leading her to pursue a teaching degree, and eventually going to McDaniel College for her Masters.

As her passion has always been science, she started her career as a New Market Middle School science teacher for ten years (1996-2006). During that time, she taught science to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Afterwards, she educated sixth and seventh graders for five years at Urbana Middle (2006-2011).

Then, for her last few years of her middle school endeavors, she continued her career at Walkersville Middle School, where she taught exclusively seventh grade science. For the past 5 years she was at Frederick High, where she taught Physics of Earth & Space, Biology, Environmental/AP Environmental, and Academy of Health Professions.

This year, she is teaching Physics of Earth & Space, Biology, and Environmental Science here at OHS. She noted that Physics of Earth & Space is her personal favorite.

However it was basketball that introduced Brandenburg to Oakdale: “I ended up at Oakdale because of my son.” explained Brandenburg. “He has coached boys basketball at Oakdale for many years (he teaches at TJ)”. After helping with some games, and experiencing the environment, she took a liking to the atmosphere and was later offered a position to teach here.

I can appreciate her teaching style and routine, I like how she interacts with the students so I think she’ll be a good teacher.

— Oakdale Student

When asked about her class, many students felt similarly. An anonymous sophomore stated, “I can appreciate her teaching style and routine, I like how she interacts with the students so I think she’ll be a good teacher.” The students interviewed both agreed that her class fosters a good atmosphere and liked her teaching style, which is a sign that the class is off to a good start.

Brandenburg being one of the newest editions to Oakdale High School is creating a positive environment for her students, which is something that all who have her should be looking forward to.