NFL Mid-Season


Sports Illustrated

New NFL season with a whole lot of new players with a lot of talent.

Nathan Hadley, Editor

The NFL has already had several games and many  surprises during the 2021 season. 


Football fans have already been discussing who will win Most Valuable Player (MVP) for this year. Possibilities for the MVP could be Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson, Tom Brady, or Patrick Mahomes. It’s so early into the season to tell who should be MVP.


According to Freshman Zak Koshar, “I think that Kyler Murray will be the MVP this year because he has been leading the Cardinals to an undefeated season so far.”


The Arizona Cardinals are currently undefeated 6-0 into the season with their starting QB Kyler Murray who has thrown for 1,741 yards, 14 touchdowns (TD), and 4 Interceptions.


The Arizona Cardinals also have a really good defense. The Cardinals have 6 Interceptions, and 16.5 sacks which is pretty good. Their defense has been great compared to all their other seasons.


Dean Browning, a freshman at OHS thinks different than Koshar, in stating, ”I think the Cincinnati Bengals because last year they did not have that good of a season, but currently they are 4-2 with Ja’Marr Chase and Joe Burrow.”


The Cincinnati Bengals are shocking fans with a  4-2 record, rookie Jamar Chase and 2nd year Quarterback Joe Burrow are a really powerful duo, leading the team to victory. Ja’Marr Chase is also a strong teammate, with 27 receptions, 553 receiving yards, and 5 TD.


Joe Burrow also has been doing really well. Back in 2020, Burrow was the 1st round 1st pick in the NFL 2020 draft. Currently Burrow has 174 attempts, 1540 passing yards, 14 passing touchdowns, and 7 interceptions.


Last year COVID ruined all sports with not being able to play but the NFL continued their season and it was everything but flawless. In the beginning of the season so many players had the Corona-Virus which caused too many players to be ineligible to play.


This year, however,  looks a little different.  All players must be vaccinated in order for them to be eligible to play.  Because of this vaccine mandate, the season has been running smoothly, and there have been no problems with COVID.


The worst team in the NFL currently is the Detroit Lions with a record of 0-6. The Detroit Lions really don’t have any good players. They sent Kenny Gollady to the Giants, and they traded Matthew Stafford to the Rams for Jared Goff in return.


There is still a lot that is unknown about many of the  teams, but this year looks like it will be a  good one for some football.