North Korea Gives New Warning of War

Stone Sinnett, Writer

North Korea is a country in East Asia that is still under communist dictatorship. For the past couple of days, the United States has been flying 230 stealth jets in South Korea for testing. Due to this, North Korea proclaimed another warning about the start of a war, saying that the test pilots were a “grave provocation”. The U.S Air Force said that the exercises were “not in response to any incident or provocation”, and that the U.S. and South Korea compete in war games every year.


The city of Pyongyang stated that these certain types of situations always seem to occur at times “when insane President Trump is running wild.”, and South Korea is acting as “puppet war maniacs.” South Korea did not respond to this comment because they saw this as North Korea creating another problem.


North Korea says that this happens to be very “coincidental, because this flight test occurred one week after we tested our international ballistic missile.” Some experts say that this is the most powerful missile that North Korea has launched, having the capacity to reach any place on the U.S. mainland. Unfortunately for North Korea, they would need an accurate guidance system, something that Kim Jong Un has not yet demonstrated.


Dalton Lithicum, a senior at Oakdale High School, states that he is “not worried about this warning at all, this is just another way for North Korea to seem like they are actually a frightening nation.”


“The U.S has done these drills for many years, but for some reason North Korea wants to argue about this now. It just seems to never add up,” explains Lithicum.


Devon Truelove, a senior at Oakdale High School, agrees with Lithicum. Truelove states “Kim Jong Un is a moron, that man is not fit to run a country. He feels as if he is a supreme leader by warning us with nuclear strikes.” Devon states that the U.S should “continue with the test flights because North Korea is not going to do anything about it.”


North Korea stated that they would “freeze” nuclear programs if the U.S stopped its drills with South Korea. Earlier this year, Rex Tillerson stated that the U.S will not stop the drills because North Korea has already achieved a nuclear weapon, and the only ones benefiting would be North Korea.