Oakdale Girls Basketball Dedication Game


Madelyn Wilson and Kiley King

People have been inspired to play sports and work hard by role models throughout their lives. Oakdale’s girls basketball team has decided to thank and honor those people who have inspired them with a dedication game on January 12th.


The dedication game lets players show their passion for basketball and thank the people who have impacted their lives. How they play and what they do in the game shows off their love to whom they dedicated the game. Oakdale’s girls’ team has made the dedication game a tradition.


The teammates give the person they dedicated gifts such as flowers and letters, thanking them for what they’ve done. Junior Tiana Jackson commented, “It’s important for us to thank them. They inspire us to do better and work harder.”


Many players dedicate the game to relatives who encourage and support them. Jackson dedicated the game to her father, explaining, “He’s always been involved in my basketball and inspires me to be the best I can be. I want him to know that I love and appreciate him, because I don’t say it often enough.”


It’s wonderful hearing the story behind why these student athletes chose the person that they did. Senior Hannah Wizbicki dedicated the game to her stepmother, explaining, “She has supported me in everything I’ve done, and is a mother figure to me.”


Oakdale’s girls basketball is very happy to have an opportunity to thank those who have helped them grow into the skilled players and hard working young women that they are today.


Make sure to come to the games so you can see them play! Go Bears!