Oakdale Girls Cross Country is Wrapping up their Season, Preparing for County Championships.


Brian Dempsey

The girls cross country team poses after winning the Cougar Challenge at Catoctin High School. From left to right: Lynn Everly, Sydney Frownfelter, Zhana Ivanova, Madison Chorney, Caylin Walker, Sarah Anderson, Sydney Querry, Shantou Meyers, Bailey Roman, Kayla Brightman, Abby Stum, and Kylie McGlinchey

Grayson Raiford, Writer

As the county and state cross country championships are quickly approaching, Oakdale Girls Cross Country has been training to win a title. 


From running hills to long distance runs, the team has been preparing themselves for big meets coming up. “We do a lot of fast paced workouts that also involve rest so we can work on building up our speed,” explained sophomore Madison Chorney. 


Chorney continues, “When we complete short fast paced workouts, we usually follow up the next day with a longer run so we can get our mileage up.”


Pasta parties, course strategizing, and team talks are other ways the girls have been preparing themselves this season. Senior Shantou Meyers stressed that, “having a steady routine before meets, fueling up, and hydrating is super important, and that’s something that our coach constantly tells us to do.”


Not only are the girls working on their personal times, but they’re doing things together as a team, like ultimate football games and camping trips. “One of the best things is the people involved. I love every single one of my teammates and coaches because they make everything much more enjoyable,” said Chorney.


Meyers agreed by saying, “My teammates are the best part about cross country.”


The girls are continuing to work together, to hopefully win the Frederick County Championships on Thursday, October 28. They’ll be competing against other really good teams, but that’s not stopping them. 


Injuries and other obstacles that’ve been thrown their way have just encouraged the team to push themselves and work even harder, helping them overcome meets this season, like the challenging Bull Run, and winning the Cougar Challenge at Catoctin High School. 


Chorney discussed, “As of right now I think my team has been very successful in just pushing through all the things that have come our way. I know my coach always says that these workouts are never easy but my team always seems to put everything into them. I think that makes us successful no matter where we place at the end of the season.”


They believe their hard work and dedication will pay off, and they will have a chance at the county, and even state championships. Meyers explained, “as a team, we’ve been working really hard, and we want to accomplish the goals we have in the next few meets.” 


Let’s show out and support our Bears Cross Country on Thursday, October 28, at Old National Pike Park!