Oakdale High School Welcomes Mr.Copenhaver


Shane Watson

Mr. Copenhaver demonstrates how he teaches his intro to agriculture students.

Shane Watson, Editor

Keith Copenhaver is one of the many new teachers this year at Oakdale. Copenhaver teaches a few unique classes, including intro to agricultural science and Advanced CRD or Career Development Preparation. 


Copenhaver is new to both Oakdale and teaching as a whole, as this is his first year as a teacher. He chose to be a teacher for multiple reasons, but he shares, Tthere is such a great need for teachers right now, that I thought I should consider it.” He has also done substitute teaching in the past and enjoyed it so he decided to take the next step.


Copenhaver had worked as a resident substitute teacher at Brunswick Middle School for a while. Now, as a high school teacher, he is still trying to decide which he prefers and what suits him best. Copenhaver adds, “I’m still determining which I like and where I could do the best job.”


While looking for a job as a teacher, Copenhaver applied at both Oakdale and Urbana High Schools. He is currently teaching here at Oakdale, but explains he will be teaching at Brunswick High School at the end of the fall semester. He has decided on these schools because they are relatively new and in growing communities.


 Copenhaver explains he is fit for teaching Intro to Ag because he is familiar with the craft and has done similar work before. He explains, “I’ve worked out in the elements and in commercial greenhouses for many years, and this is a welcome change of work environment.”


Serena DiMartino, a senior here at Oakdale and one of Copenhaver’s Intro to Agriculture students, clarifies the workload and structure of Copenhaver’s class: “I like the workload, the work is not that hard.”


She explains how the class in itself is fairly easy and that Copenhaver helps with the assignments and allows the students time to do their work. She also shares that Copenhaver explains the assignments so they are easily understood and completed by the students.


Copenhaver also teaches Advanced CRD. This course focuses on careers and finance, and Copenhaver is able to use his experiences before and after becoming a teacher to help him lead this course. 


During Copenhaver’s time at Brunswick High, he plans on teaching English for a few years. As a new teacher, Copenhaver is still exploring what he likes teaching. He is also still trying to find his own teaching style and discover himself as a teacher.


In regards to DiMartino’s decision to take intro to agriculture, DiMartino explains, “It’s not something i’m interested in”, but she goes on to talk about how Copenhaver has made the class enjoyable and engaging. DiMartino has found the class as a nice break from her other classes and enjoys having Copenhaver as a teacher.