Oakdale is Beating Cancer with Positivity


Joesef Miller

A poster made by Josef MIller for the Toy Drive.

Ella Toms, Writer

The Positivity Beats Cancer/Toy Drive is an organization that works to raise money to purchase toys for children with cancer. The club at Oakdale is run by junior, Josef Miller. Bethany Brown, a Spanish teacher at Oakdale, is the advisor for the club.


Miller mentioned that he originally created the club for his leadership project because he was inspired to help kids battling cancer. Brown mentored Miller before he decided to continue it. “I knew pretty early I wanted to turn it into a club and maybe one day a non-profit,” he stated.


This is Miller’s first time running the organization which was founded in June of 2022. “To be very frank, it was a very scary experience. I had never done anything involving so many members of my community and I was doing it without a co-partner,” he expressed.


According to the American Cancer Society, “Research has shown that people with cancer need support from friends.” This shows that support from your community can help cancer patients stay strong. 


Positivity Beats Cancer is trying to bring light to as many children as possible. “Cards and thoughtful gestures bring joy to children in the hospital. Being in the hospital for extended periods of time is difficult, but it must be incredibly challenging for children during the holidays,” Brown mentioned.


A majority of students donated money during lunch shifts at school. Over $600 was raised just during lunch. This year the drive has raised over $850 total which will be used to purchase around 30-45 toys. “I am so very thankful that this Toy Drive has been so incredibly successful,” Miller voices. 


Miller is very thankful for all of the students and staff who donated this year. He hopes to continue to do another toy drive next semester.

A poster to create awareness of the Positivity Beats Cancer Toy Drive. (Josef Miller)