Oakdale Is Taking Part in the Great Frederick Fair

These fall pumpkins made by Ms. Storm won third place at the fair!

Mrs. Storm

These fall pumpkins made by Ms. Storm won third place at the fair!

Ella Toms and Emily Lockard

The Great Frederick Fair takes place every year in September at the Frederick fairgrounds. From the 16th through the 24th, the fair welcomes young children, adolescents and adults. At Oakdale, students are encouraged to participate in the fair through showing animals, entering artwork in contests, and attending for the rides.

Ms. Chanin Storm, an English teacher at Oakdale, was involved in the fair this year by entering three crafts in the contest. Two of her entries were crotchet and one was knitted. For her first time submitting something to the fair, she anticipated the results. She voiced, “I got third place for all three, so I would think that’s successful.”

When asked why she submitted her work, Storm mentioned, “I’ve never done it and I wanted to try and see what happened. It was a first time experience and I got it off my bucket list.” Entering artwork in the fair is an exciting and rewarding experience for all participants.

For the more thrilling experience at the fair, attendees can take part in more active activities. Senior Grayson Ridgely communicates his involvement in the Demolition Derby as an experience full of fun.

“You pay to run cars into each other, it’s entertainment for the crowd. It gets your adrenaline going when you hear all the people screaming,” Ridgley described. This was his first year partaking in the Derby and is eager to do it again next year.

Members of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) were able to participate by showcasing their animals to guests. From Oakdale’s FFA, there were 725 entries in the building just this year! Members entered pigs, beef cows, goats, and greeted many faces while showing their animals.
The Great Frederick Fair brought the students at Oakdale an opportunity to showcase their work and enjoy themselves. From entering artwork in contests, to wrecking cars into each other, the fair held entertainment and loads of fun. It is definitely an anticipated event to come around next year!