Oakdale NHS Hosts Blood Drive


By Natalie Flynn


The National Honor Society (NHS) hosted a blood drive at Oakdale on Friday, March 24th in the auxiliary gym, from 7:30 AM to 1:00 PM. This event is was organized through the American Red Cross.


Students ages 16 and older were eligible to donate blood, with parent consent. In addition, students were required to turn in a signed parent consent form in order to participate.


According to the Red Cross, “Almost everyone during their life will know someone who needs a blood transfusion.” As of now, volunteer blood donors are the only source of blood for transfusions, and blood collected at the drive will benefit the many patients who need them.


Ms. Caitlin Patrick, English teacher at Oakdale and supervisor of NHS, is organizing the blood drive. This is her second year organizing the event. “I know people personally who’ve benefitted from transfusions,” Ms. Patrick says. “I think it’s important to donate if possible, because you could save a life.”


“I get calls from the Red Cross at least once a week asking to donate blood because of a shortage, so it’s really important to donate,” says Senior and NHS member Kaitlin Theall. This year will be the second time she has volunteered at the event and the third time she has donated blood.


On the day of the blood drive, and the night before, participating students and staff should be sure to get at least eight hours of sleep, eat a healthy breakfast and/or lunch, and stay hydrated. Red Cross staff will give donors a “mini-physical” and examine their medical history before donation.
NHS and the Red Cross would like to thank everyone who showed up to donate blood and help save lives.