Oakdale welcomes a new Senior Tradition!


Rhian Evans

The class of 2023 participating in the new Senior Sunrise activity at Oakdale High school

Charvi Bethu, Editor

During the week of October 10 through October 15, Oakdale High School is participating in its annual homecoming spirit week. Among all of the established activities for each of the grades, the seniors are taking part in a newly found tradition known as the Senior Sunrise!

Many high schools around America have been conducting this activity for years, and this year Oakdale High school will join.

In previous years, staff and students mentioned that on different days, groups of seniors would go to the parking lot, and watch the sunrise together with friends. However this year, the senior class club will organize a set time, date, and place for all of this year’s seniors to participate in as a group activity.
One of the organizers and senior class club president, Hannah Santos, mentions, “It was first an idea that we all wanted, but Indya brought it up. She’s the vice president and we were thinking of implementing it this year during homecoming week.”

Santos expresses her excitement for being able to organize and take part in this first-time activity. Although it has never been done before, she wants to make it a remarkable event so that Oakdale High School will continue to host Senior Sunrise yearly.

Additionally, Alex Lamas, a senior at Oakdale High School, shares the same enthusiasm. Due to the fact that his high school years were cut short by COVID, Lamas says, “I feel like this event means a lot to some seniors and me because I mean we didn’t really get to spend too much time as normal high schoolers and this event seems like it would be a fun way to I guess show appreciation to the seniors.”

Lamas also adds how he is excited to go because he will be able to spend some quality time with his friends during one of the most memorable moments of his high school life.

After seeing the positive student feedback for the event, Santos stated that moving forward, there will likely be a lot more senior sunrises in the future. The senior class club is also organizing “a senior sunset for getting ready for graduation.”

If you were unfortunately unable to attend the senior sunrise this year, look forward to the senior sunset coming up at the end of the year. Stay tuned for more details like the date and timing from the 2023 senior class club.