Oakdale’s 2017 Prom


Shreeya Agarwal, Writer

The air was full of excitement on May 19th as students discussed prom plans and left school early to get ready for the event. With the school year now coming to a close, prom serves as a kind of end of the year party where the majority of upperclassmen gather around for a dazzling night full of food, drinks, and lots of dancing.

This year’s prom was held at the Clarion Hotel in Frederick near the FSK Mall. Students and their prom dates or prom groups began to arrive around 8pm and were served to a magnificent ballroom encompassed by hanging chandeliers and brightly colored balloons. The prom committee had also organized a fun photo booth and a delicious variety of food that included chocolate strawberries and fruit kabobs.

As Oakdale students made their arrival into the event, different dresses and matching suits of all kinds were seen throughout the night. Outfits having been planned weeks before in advance, this night was definitely a night to remember for many ladies who put time and effort into their looks.

As Oakdale junior, Emma Borgesmiller, put it, “It was really fun to see everyone all dressed up in their dresses. Everybody looked great!”

However, Prom wasn’t only celebrated at the Clarion, rather it was celebrated all across Frederick as Oakdale students met for photo shoots and pre-prom dinners in locations throughout Downtown Frederick. Restaurants such as Olives, Caciques, Pizarro’s, IHOP and more were popular spots for students to meet and get ready for prom.

Oakdale Junior, Cosette Thompson, commented, “We danced a lot; it was pretty fun!”

Music was definitely an important part of the night as Oakdale hired a DJ. The music could be heard blasting outside the ballroom as this year’s hits such as “Uptown Funk” and songs from The Weekend were played.

In addition to the music, other events also shaped Prom to be as successful as ever. Multiple $100 gift cards were given to 15 lucky students who were entered into a raffle. These gift cards could be used in various places across Frederick.

Prom is a night that many seniors and other upperclassmen look forward to during the school year and has become an important tradition in most high schools across the country. Oakdale’s 2017 prom was definitely a success, and it was obvious the night was an event to remember for many students who had a great time.