OHS Boys Soccer

Antonio Garcia

With over 60 players trying out for both the Junior Varsity and Varsity OHS soccer program, it makes rosters difficult to cut down for head coaches Carrie Frey and Mitch Rubin. Alongside the Head Coaches, Mike Gough and Tod Steber take the role of assistant coach.


The OHS soccer program has a successful history, from stellar regular seasons to progressing through the playoffs to bring home state victories.This year both JV and Varsity teams are dominating the season.


Coach Mitch Rubin leads the Varsity team to a record that consists of 6 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss. With such a good record the team strives to enter and win the playoffs.


Sophomore Sumangal Myers exclaimed, “We have a good chance to get far in the playoffs.” He, along with many others on the team believe the team will do well in the playoffs.


Myers has been on the Varsity team for about two seasons. After playing half of the season last year on JV he was fortunate enough to move up to and now start for the Varsity team.


A problem that all teams face is the replacement of experienced seniors by underclassmen. Every now and then a graduating class may have lots of ability and strengthen the team. On the other side, a graduating class may not have so much ability and not improve the team.


Zachary Kocan, sophomore, states, “A lot of youth last year, so lots of Freshman and Sophomores from last year have matured and gotten better for this year.”


Kocan was a Freshman on the JV team who last year, “matured and got better” during the off season and now plays most of the game for the Varsity squad.


A major difference between JV and Varsity is the level of play. This means that the game speed and physicality of the game is different. Junior Varsity Head Coach Carey Frey States, “Varsity is raising their intensity, people hit harder and the ball moves quicker”


The Oakdale JV team did phenomenally however. Currently 9-1-1, the team has scored a total of 31 goals this season, while only conceding 2.The team has set a personal record for Coach Frey, beating Middletown for the first time since he started coaching at Oakdale.


Coach Frey announced, “We’ve had two state titles and are moving in the direction to get another one soon” By this, Frey means that the upcoming underclassmen will be making a difference on Varsity in the upcoming years.


Frey’s goal for the JV players is to support kids who are interested and keep them loving soccer. “Lighting the fire” in the kids, Frey exclaims. As well as keep kids playing the sport Coach Frey intends on preparing kids for Varsity and coaching kids to improve the program as a whole.


“It’s nice to watch, there is good movement.” Coach Frey expresses about the JV team. Consistency is something that not all teams can achieve. Proud about the Soccer Program recently Frey can proudly state ”Our team is very consistent the past two years.”


Most teams don’t always play well every game and are constantly having good games and bad games. Playing great every game and if not still playing good is something not every coach can bring a team to.


The Soccer Program at OHS is a force to be reckoned with. Coach Rubin and Frey have created a program that is dominating the season. They have hopes that they can bring the varsity to win another state title. Go Bears!