OHS Marching Band “Jumps” on a plane


Disney characters dance in front of the castle.

By Sage Wann


The Oakdale High School Marching Band headed out to Walt Disney World on February 14th, taking 72 students (that all had participated in the previous marching band season) and returned on February 20th. Going with them on the trip were Band Director Mrs. Emily Hill and Mr. Mike Copen. Marching in the 3 o’clock parade February 15th, the band performed the song “Jump in the Line” which was mainly made known from the movie “Beetle Juice.”


For the Disney trip every student had to be academically eligible which includes maintaining anything above a 2.0 GPA and cannot be failing any classes. All students are also responsible for bringing their own homework, classwork and anything else school related that might be needed over the course of the trip to keep up with grades and in class activities.


The trip was mainly used for the band to have a new opportunity and experience through music and the magic behind the scenes in Disney. The band not only performed in the parade, but also, on the second day there, they had done a music workshop with a Disney performer leading the band in well known Disney songs.


“The workshops are a great academic experience for the kids,” Mrs. Hill said.


The process of getting into Disney though does not seem all that magical. A tape from the Marching Band must be sent into Disney, where they must review uniforms, music choice, and the band as a whole. Everything must be Disney pre-approved before the march to make sure nothing goes wrong.


This is an opportunity that the band tries to take every two years. This year sophomore Jenny Cramer is going on the band Disney trip for the first time. Jenny is a part of the Colorguard and will get the chance to go on this trip again in her senior year: “This trip may be the chance for me to improve my musical and color guard abilities through the workshops.”


Each workshop lasted about two to three hours for one of the days being there and every student got the chance to participate in playing some classic Disney music.