One with the Proud and the Indomitable


Faith Lingaraj, writer

Within Oakdale High School are many different clubs, and for every student, there is the perfect club. The main purpose of clubs is to allow students to find their places, and to feel like they belong in a safe community surrounded by other students that provide comfort. Clubs are what define each and every student. They are what make the students feel like they belong as individuals.


The SAGA, also known as the Sexuality and Gender Alliance, is an organization that circles around the LGBTQ+ community. It is a well-known club for bringing together the many students of the LGBTQ+ community into one place meeting together the first Friday of every month– and providing a safe space where students can speak their opinions and discuss various topics surrounding the community.


Morgan Allen, a senior and a member of the SAGA, put it, “I like it. It’s a great way for everyone in the LGBT community to be together. It’s a safe place.”


Around the building, many rainbow-striped star-shaped stickers on the doors say ‘Safe Space’ on them. This shows that all people are welcome regardless. The safe space is an imperative part of Oakdale High School.


“I don’t think there are any outside things. I know there’s the Day of Silence. I know that’s the most important activity. I wish there were outside things we could do, not just as a club, but as friends– getting to know each other,” says Allen.


The Day of Silence is a powerful day at Oakdale High School. It allows all students, who acknowledge the difficulties the LGBTQ+ community face, by remaining silent throughout the entire day.


“The topics range from bullying to how the separate students feel about school and how much support they get. It’s a really great club, I really like it. I like knowing I have a place with friends who know what I’m going through,” uttered Allen.


Without a doubt, Oakdale High School provides a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies.


Greysen Simmons, a sophomore and member of the LGBTQ+ community, has some words to say about the SAGA as well: “I think it’s cool. They all have a safe space,” Simmons says, “If you feel unsafe or afraid, run and hide in the guidance office. Well, if you really need to, you can ask the teacher to go to the water fountain, and take a break.”


Students who feel unsafe can go to guidance, but no one in the school should feel afraid, for Oakdale is a strong community filled with support. Taking pride and honor is definitely an important thing, especially when not everyone in the world accepts you for being different.