“Operation Christmas Drop” Review


U.S. Indo-Pacific Command

Picture of the actual drop from the event.

Sophia Lamarre, Writer

Netflix, one of the biggest streaming companies, has come out with many different holiday themed movies this November and December. These heart warming films have proved good ways to celebrate the holidays indoors with family. 


“Operation Christmas Drop” is based partially on a true story following Erica, a congressional assistant, and Captain Andrew Jantz. The movie follows the complications of Operation Christmas drop, a real event that the US Airforce does every year at Christmas when they drop supplies to different islands and countries in need. Erica is tasked with finding possible flaws with the event, but instead is shown, by Andrew, the beauty behind it all. 


During her journey, Erica and Andrew face both personal and professional problems;  however, in the holiday spirit, they find new ways to overcome these problems.


The film was very moving to see how different people of different cultures can connect to help people in need. Jack Law, a Sophomore at Oakdale High School, shares, “It was a good movie, very heartwarming and kind of secretly romantic most of the time.” 


Jason Lee, also a Sophomore at OHS, conveyed that he “enjoyed it because it was wholesome.”


Due to “Operation Christmas Drop” being based on a true story, it is also very informative. Law stated, “Since the whole movie was based on a true story, I learned about the Christmas Drop Operation and what they do to help the smaller islands.” It was very interesting to see the background of the event, and how everything comes together.


An overall favorite part of the movie was a touching scene between one of the main characters, Erica, and a child on one of the troubled islands. Law explained, “There was a part where Erica gave most of her things in her purse to a child on an island, and it was very heartwarming and nice.” Lee felt the same way.


Overall, the movie was uplifting and helped the viewers keep their holiday spirit during these testing times. Lee shared that he would recommend this movie “because it actually kept me intrigued for the whole movie,” along with Law who explained, “I might recommend it. It wasn’t super Chistmasy, but still a good overall movie.” 


“Operation Christmas Drop” is a good way to celebrate the holidays while becoming informed about a real event that goes on to help people in need.