Poms Underrated?


Josephine Sasse, Photo Editor

Have you ever gone to a football game and stayed seated to watch the Poms Team during half time? For most students at Oakdale the Poms performance is just some music playing in the background while they get some food and chat with friends.


Little do people know, the Poms Team practices every week and this deserves acknowledgment. “They put in as much hard work as the football team does” says Jennie Sheeler, a member of the Poms Team.


They also base routines off of “what the student section wants” explains Junior Julia Case, a member of the Poms Team. They do this in an effort to get students engaged in the performance and by using popular songs and upbeat routines.


While the Poms Team fully accepts that their sport is not given as much support by the student body as football, they feel that at the very least they deserve to be, “appreciated and given some attention,” Case comments.


When asked, students admitted to not watching or appreciating the Poms Team. Some felt bad and others did not know that the Poms Team puts in as much work as they do. It is a common trend that instead of watching the Poms Team during halftime most people will go to get food from concessions and maybe glance at them when they are standing in line.


Even though the Poms Teams efforts are unnoticed at games they were appreciated in the pep rally. Morgan Doolittle, sophomore, said their performance was, “very cool” and Doolittle also explained that she had, “actually watched one Poms performance last year.”


Doolittle watching the Poms Team in one game and the pep rally is a step in the right direction for the student body. If every student could just watch them at one football game the Poms team would be acknowledged for their hours of strenuous work.       


The Poms Team is full of potential, yet underappreciated by the school as a whole. This group of talented girls do their best to impress the student section at home games but fall short in reaching their goal due to the lack of interest. The Poms Team feels the student body should pay more attention to their routines and recognize the work they put in to creating their dances.