Popularity Rises in Online Fitness



Laura Novotny adds new ways to workout from home on her blog. 

Jordan Ondo

While everyone is staying at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many are looking for new ways to stay active and hold themselves accountable to their fitness goals.  


As recent stay-at-home orders have been put into action in various states, gyms have been forced to close, which has led to a recent spark in popularity with online and at home workout programs. Many gyms are creating online and virtual workouts to help their members stay active, while personal trainers are finding new ways to reach their clients. For instance, fitness classes are being offered on Instagram live stories which helps people stay motivated as they still have the team bonding they originally had. 


Gym closures have also greatly affected how people run different businesses because they must target people who are working out from home. Companies have begun to advertise their home workout gear like resistance bands and dumbbells to continue to grow their businesses.  


While gyms are hitting a financial drop and some might not get to reopen, virtual and digital business companies are benefiting from the industry shift. Entrepreneur and Online Personal Trainer, Laura Novotny talked about her business and mentioned, “more people have gained interest due to not being able to workout in a gym.” 


Novotny also explains, “there has been a wash due to people canceling from not having a job/steady income along with new people joining because they need home workouts!”


Working out from home is extremely different from in a gym, meaning that it is hard to obtain the same motivation that a gym provides. Novotny addressed this issue and suggested “going on multiple walks to get fresh air and sunshine, and reminding people that this will pass” is how she motivates her clients to stay active from home. 


The closures of gyms have  affected many people’s everyday routines and have put people on an irregular schedule. Senior Maddie Miller explained how the gym closures affected her: “Gym closures have affected me by taking away a part of my everyday routine so it’s been weird and I miss it.” 


As gyms are closing and members are having to find new ways to stay active from their home, business owners and personal trainers are finding creative new ways to reach out to their clients and motivate them. Virtual workouts are becoming popular and are ultimately keeping everyone sane as the stay-at-home orders stretch throughout the month of April and force people to find new ways to workout.