Real vs. Fake Christmas trees.. Which is better?

Ellie Smith, Editor

As the holiday season approaches, people are wondering what kind of Christmas tree to buy. It’s considered to be the biggest, most celebrated holiday, and with this comes the debated question if you should get a real or artificial Christmas tree. While some say that bringing a real tree home is a wonderful tradition, others argue that an artificial tree is a much tidier option.


Claims have been made that cutting down trees is bad for the environment, which was proven false. Since they grow on farms, much like crops, another is replanted in its place. However, going out to get the tree with the whole family is an exciting experience. The demand for growing more Christmas trees each year is actually good for the environment.


A recent survey for the American Christmas Tree Association has found that roughly 80% of Americans have an artificial tree in their homes.  One student, sophomore Fisher Hall, made it clear how much he didn’t like real Christmas trees: “We don’t have to clean up all of the pine needles, which is really annoying.. And then my dogs get in them, and that gets really annoying, and I really hate it because I’m always the one who cleans it up!”


It seems that most students in Oakdale prefer an artificial tree over a real tree. A freshman named Genevieve Wilson describes her experience with the fake tree: “My mom prefers that type because it’s less of a fire hazard and easier to prepare and pack up for next year. It’s a one time payment.”


Both Hall and Wilson seem believe the natural, farm-grown trees are better for the environment.  


“The way they make artificial trees is that they melt down a bunch of plastic, which releases pollutants into the air.” he explains.


Artificial or not, one can agree that families all celebrate their trees and decorate them all the same. Happy holidays, Oakdale!