Recruiting Weekend: What to Expect


Madeleine Verby

48 hours on a college campus without parents. It’s no big deal, right?


Recruiting trips are vital to any future collegiate athlete’s success. However, the idea of staying on a college campus under the supervision of a 19 or 20-something year old college student for the weekend can seem daunting to even the most prepared high school athletes.


Between sitting in classes, communicating with the team’s coaches, navigating the campus and exploring the team’s social life, there are many things a prospective athlete should expect while on their weekend-long recruiting trip.


First and foremost, as soon as one steps on campus, one is a visitor of that chosen athletic team. Senior Sarah Pryor, who visited St. Mary’s College in southern Maryland, reports that when she arrived, the team “treated me like an honorary guest.” As a guest of the team, one’s various expenses, food for example, are covered by the team.


As a visitor on campus, the prospective athlete will be given a tour of the school and allowed to sit-in on a class related to their intended major. This is done in order to give them a glimpse into the daily life of a student athlete.


Communication with coaches is thought to be stressful or nerve wracking, as what the prospective athlete says might affect his or her chances on the athletic team of their choice. But in reality, it is the coach’s job to market the school to the athlete.


Senior Tim Verby who visited the University of Connecticut says, “Talking to the coach is always great, they really try to show why their school is the best and how you could be an essential part of their program.”


As a high school student, socialization with college-age students can seem intimidating. However, the team is there to help answer any questions one might have about the program and attempt to provide for the prospective athlete an enjoyable weekend. According to Pryor, “they (the team) were super nice to me.”


So,  prospective athletes shouldn’t stress! Recruiting trips are meant to showcase what the school and athletics program has to offer to its students.