Relax in Class With the New Yoga Club

Relax in Class With the New Yoga Club

Sara Ghaffari and Jessica Smith

Many new clubs have come to Oakdale High School this year, one being the Yoga Club. The Yoga club is welcome to all students, free of charge. The club meets in B200 after school from 2:45pm-3:45pm once a month, where a certified yoga instructor will be present.


Yoga club was created by Marleigh Beck, a junior at Oakdale High School, and is advised by Greta Harrison and Tara Ketteringham. “Marleigh is working toward her Girl Scout Gold Award, so she wanted to start a project to focus on yoga for students and students with special needs,” stated Mrs. Harrison.


Beck is very passionate about this project because her brother has Autism and ADHD, and he is a very big part of her life.


Mrs. Harrison further explains, “Yoga club could break down some stigma or stereotypes that yoga isn’t just for old people, or for flexible people. It really helps you with not only flexibility and strength, but with breathing and relaxation.”


Other health benefits of doing yoga consists of cardio and circulatory health, improved respiration, energy and vitality, and weight reduction.


Mrs. Ketteringham then states “One thing about yoga is that there is no judgement, it’s not about that. You make it what you want.”


Students who want to participate in the club sign up through the google form club sign up sheet. At each meeting, the club practices for a least an hour in room B200, and will go until the end of the year. However, Beck’s project will end sometime in January.


Along with the afterschool meetings, the advisors both agree they want to meet even more. “We are hoping to meet once a month during SET as well. We won’t have an instructor at that time, but maybe we could watch a video on breathing techniques and maybe touch on meditation.”


Ketteringham then comments on what type of people can join this club: “Teachers can join, the  primary focus was students, but if we have the space and interest, teachers are more than welcome.”


“Yoga shouldn’t be intimidating, give it a shot. Come out for at least one session, you can just observe.” Mrs. Harrison encourages all students. The certified yoga instructor is even willing to make special accommodations for any student that would like to participate. For example, modifying the difficulty of any certain pose.


This class is a great opportunity to improve mental and physical health, and an overall great way to meet new people. Make sure to come out to the next meeting on Wednesday, October 25th!