Safety from Covid-19 Surrounding the Gym

The front entrance of the popular One Life gym in North Frederick.

The front entrance of the popular One Life gym in North Frederick.

Hope Crispell, Writer

Quarantine makes many draw weary; lacking activities to do, little social interaction, lots of lying around. For some, this is the time to get in shape. Starting in March, workout videos went viral all over the internet as people had little else to do but a few sit-ups in their room. However, as Covid-19 has progressed, gyms opening is a sigh of relief for some, but a large concern for others.


Elyssa Lynch, a One Life gym member, and Peyton Wetherholt, a workout-at-home activist, both have contrasting views on the safety of gyms during a pandemic. Lynch explains the safety she feels at the gym as members all implement safety procedures, “There are sanitizing wipe stations to wipe down equipment after they use it, every other machine is closed to allow for social distancing, and masks are required at all times.”


Although Lynch goes on to state that she is sure “at least some do not [wipe down equipment and many people wear their masks improperly” and she sometimes finds herself worrying about contracting Covid-19, these risks do not deter her from attending the gym. 


Senior Wetherholt’s viewpoint is a little different. Wetherholt discusses, “I definitely feel safer working out at home compared to a public facility,” as she considers the gym a Covid-19 hotspot due to “the confined space and everyone working out together.” 


Wetherholt also commented that she does “not miss the gym because I have everything I would need at my house, but I definitely would miss it if I was used to going there everyday.” This is the stand-off for many pro and anti-gym goers as many do not own the equipment in their own homes and depend on their memberships to get a workout in.


Whether the workout is home-based or in a crowded gym facility, many have resorted to staying active to stay sane. Although the gym during a pandemic definitely has its pros and cons, people who are determined to get a workout in have managed to so far during quarantine, and gym-goers are antsy to see how long their gym attendance is able to last as cases begin to rise.