SAGA Club Provides Safe Space for Students at Oakdale


Allison Wehinger

Madame Quill proudly represents the SAGA club, through holding the human rights flag.

Allison Wehinger, Editor

Oakdale High School is filled with many clubs and activities. One club at OHS, known for having a safe space for others, is the SAGA club. SAGA stands for Sexuality and Gender Alliance, Madame Nissa Quill is the advisor.

Madame Quill states, “My youngest child is transgender so I got involved because there was no type of SAGA club for my child. In Linganore when I had a student ask me to help them by being the advisor of the SAGA club I decided to help them. Then when I got to Oakdale, I eventually took the SAGA club over.” Madame Quill has been the advisor of the SAGA club at Oakdale for four years and was the advisor at Linganore for 6 years.

Caroline Wehinger, a senior at Oakdale and a club member expresses, “I think what I like most about SAGA is how everyone gets along with each other and how accepting everyone is, not just to the LGBTQ community but everyone. Also how supportive we are to each other.” 

SAGA also allows for most kids a place they can feel like they are themselves. SAGA also plays games and tries to discover ways for more people to pay attention to important LGBTQ holidays. 

SAGA has very fun activities; members enjoy when they do LGBTQ themed spirit days and are happy to see LGBTQ flags around school.

SAGA has cool activities to do, but SAGA also supports others as well. Wehinger mentions “We talk a lot during club meetings, if anyone has a problem about not being accepted. During the saga meeting we talk about it and give support and reassure each other.” 

Students are encouraged to join SAGA for the safe space and the welcoming community it provides. 

Wehinger has been in this club for a while. She explains what made her want to join, “Last year at the beginning of the year my friends talked about it and my friends joined and I liked Madame Quill who I had as a teacher before.” Wehinger discovered SAGA in her freshman year; But she didn’t join due to lack of confidence.